Monday, August 6, 2018

Announcing Flower Peach Floral

photo by Kerry Anne Photography at Sugar Maple Jersey's Farm

Launching Flower Peach Floral has me feeling exactly how this sweet calf looks....a little scared and bug eyed! 

As our floral business has grown it now needs its own space and identity away from our farm, Robson's Farm. 

5 years ago I took my first floral design class at Longwood Gardens.  Each year I took a few more classes and a few more jobs until floral design became a significant part of our business. I always wanted do be creative. I always wanted to make art and study the way colors sit next to each other....floral design has given me that.  

A few things I love: 
  • Roses...because's my name! A few of my favorite varieties: Toffee, Freedom, Tiffany, Sahara
  • pillar candles of a different color (they make colors other than white and ivory!)
  • died/painted floral (endless possibilities there!)
  • including fruit (a nice way to bridge the produce side with the flower side and it really elevates the look!)
  • black flowers (yes, I know that's strange but I love it!) 
  • creative clients 
Out of the above list the last one is the one I truly love the most. It's not a goal of mine to have clients that will spend the most money but instead to have clients with the coolest ideas that will allow me to do the most creative work! 

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