Me + My Best Friend, aka Peary

I am basically a vegetable farmer's daughter living up to my name, Rose.  When I first restarted my parents farm I thought, ok let's do vegetables again. Keep things familiar. But year by year I felt a pull toward floral.

In 2014 I started to grow more flowers and began taking floral design courses though Longwood Gardens, other designers in my area, and online. This helped me learn the mechanics. From there it was a lot of practice...or play...whatever you'd like to call it. 

A few of my favorite things...
  • Unique color palettes (confession: lavender and orange is my fav color combo right now)
  • Growing and sourcing awesome floral (if we don't grow it we can get it from our wholesaler)
  • Creating out of the box designs (nothing is too crazy so let's make your idea happen!) 
Aside from providing only the best work I can possibly do my passion is getting the inside scoop on each couple or client by asking them thoughtful questions and getting to know their vision. By doing this I'm able to create personal floral that is meaningful, fun, and sets their event apart.  

I love a challenge so let's create something they'll be talking about! 

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